To create a definitive online platform which celebrates one of the best aspects of Final Fantasy Online... The community


The Idea!

As a World of Warcraft refugee who had just quit the game after Battle for Azeroth hit, I was looking for another game that would scratch my MMORPG itch. I tried TERA, Guild Wars Online, Elder Scrolls and finally came across Final Fantasy. My only knowledge of the game was the terrible launch of v1.0.

I didn’t even realise that this game had been resurrected by Square Enix and had turned into an RPG players dream. I promptly purchased the game and started playing. Everything was amazing. The graphics, the game play and the more engaged battle system that involved more skill than just a set button smash like other games. 

I jumped online to promptly find a website like wowhead, but for Final Fantasy… Two hours had passed and I was still churning through posts on various game websites, reddit and youtube to get a better understanding of my class and what i needed to know as a new FFXIV player. 

It was then that I realised that Final Fantasy Online needed a community platform that was purpose built for its western release. And so Kupohead was born. 

We are striving to provide a definitive community platform that celebrates the wondrous community that sits behind FFXIV. We are collating and providing a state of the art guide system to help new/returning & current players get the most out of their gaming experience. 

We have groups with dedicated forums attached to the community and the ability to create new groups for Free companies or Moogle fan clubs (you now you want to join one).

What ever it is you liek to do in Final Fantasy XIV, we Hope Kupohead can support you and bring this amazing game to even more people. 


Without you, Kupohead would not exsist.



Owner & Founder of Kupohead. Blake is married with two children and enjoys his downtime in the wonderful world of Eorzea.


Join Our Team

Do you have time to spare? Kupohead has a number of volunteer positions open. We are currently looking for Group moderators, Content Creators & WordPress Developers who share a passion for Final Fantasy XIV and can donate some of their time.

 If this fits your interests, click below to see our open positions.