An Engaging Community For All Things Final Fantasy XIV Online


Social Features To Enhance Your FFXIV Community Experience

Kupohead was designed to enhance the great community aspects of Final Fantasy XIV

Create Social Groups

Participate in server groups, create free company groups and manage group permissions. Want your group to be private? We have you covered.

Dedicated Group Forums

Each group can have its own forum. These forums inherit the group permissions making it great for private (group only) discussions.  

View Activity Feeds

All activity that occurs within the community can be seen from one page. Allowing you to participate in groups & discussions that interest you.

Custom Profiles & Photo Albums

Create your FFXIV online profile and store/share screenshots from your adventures with the rest of the community with personal photo albums.


Educational Guides For Every Type Of Player

Kupohead offers a state of the art learning experience to educate and expand an FFXIV players knowledge

Guides, Guides & More Guides

Getting started with Final Fantasy XIV for the first time? Or want to brush up on that new job you started leveling? Our guides can help Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 12.2.

On The Go Learning

Stuck on the bus or train and want to learn something new? Our guides are perfectly mobile responsive 

Completion Certificates
Earn completion certificates that automatically save to your profile that potentially open up hidden areas of the community to enjoy.

Earn unlockable achievements that can be viewed on your profile and shared with your friends.


Enjoy Our Gamified Community

Earn points while participating in the Kupohead community. Points will award achievements, ranks and other cool stuff. 

Earn Gil, Aether & Kupo's

Earn community currency through group activity, discussions and reading our content. Track  total earned currency amounts on your profile.

Unlock Achievements

Engage & participate in community events to unlock unique achievements that can be viewed on your profile page.

Obtain New Ranks

Unlock ranks within The Maelstrom, Order of the Twin Adders & The Eternal Flames Grand Companies. Ranks will appear on your profile for ultimate bragging rights.

Access Point Only Content (TBC)

In a future release, earned currency can be used to access point only content from our stream & community partners.


Take Kupohead On The Go

We built Kupohead with mobile in mind. Be kept informed and up-to-date while out and about or on the road.

Complete Guides

Complete any unfinished guides with a fully responsive learning experience.

Unlock Mobile Only Achievements

We even gamified the mobile experience so happy hunting for mobile only rare achievements Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 12.2.

Want to be a founding community member? Join our wait-list & unlock a rare achievement when we launch.